The Commercial Security Liner from Eagle Protective Plastics was developed with easy use and quick deployment as its foundation.

Efficiency and speed are essential in the shipping industry, and CSL's fast installation and simple removal make it the easiest way to protect your cargo with the smallest investment of time and resources. Click through the short installation shown below to see just how easy it is to start protecting your valuable cargo, and more important, your valuable relationship with your clients.

  Place vacuum posts inside each wall of trailer entrance. Spring loaded tops will secure them safely in place.


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Stop Your Losses... Put the Commercial Security Liner to work for you!

Protected under US Process Patent Numbers: 4,516,906; 4,671,733; 4,863,339; 5,028,197; 5,059,084, and Canadian Patent Number 1,322,385. Purchase or Lease of this Equipment does not grant or imply license on any Patent of Eagle Industries/Eagle Protective Plastics, Inc./Nolan Group, Inc.related to installation of liners.

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