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Protect your investment with The Commercial Security Liner from Eagle Protective Plastics


Transportation - International and Domestic
When a shipment is damaged or contaminated, more is lost than just cargo. Time is lost, money is lost, and often, a customer is lost. That's why the Commercial Security Liner from Eagle Plastics, Inc. is so important. For a small fraction of the shipment's total cost, give it total protection with the CSL System. This protection is vital to international shipping and is equally effective over the road and in the air. As you will see in the installation section of our web site, the Commercial Security Liner is quick and easy to install. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. At its destination, the CSL Liner is cut open for cargo removal. The liner can then be discarded or recycled. It's an easy, simple, and cost effective way to protect your cargo and provide yourself with peace of mind. In a time when budgets are tight, using the CSL system makes sense. Dollars and sense.

Water Damage and Condensation
Many products moving through the international and domestic intermodal systems today are susceptible to water damage and condensation - products like tobacco, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, metals, and paper products. That's where using the Commercial Security Liner makes all the difference. The cargo protected by the CSL system is virtually immune from expensive claims that water damage can cause. The heavy gauge plastic systemhelps make sure the liner keeps its integrity, no matter what the freight. The CSL protection doesn't stop at the outside. When air is withdrawn from the liner and the liner is securely tied, the threat of condensation is all but eliminated. The Commercial Security Liner System is the answer to your water contamination problems, inside and out.

Insects and Other Pests
Contamination from water isn't the only problem you face in shipping. Insects and other pests can damage tobacco, grain, textiles, or food products
just as easily, especially on international shipments. The heavy gauge plastic sheet that makes up the Commercial Security Liner provides excellent protection from insects entering from the outside. In addition, the CSL stops odors from such shipments as garbage and beef hides, odors that attract pests and insects. The CSL can help keep the bugs out of your system.

Shipping dry bulk products like grains, tobacco, plastics, chemicals and pet food can present special problems of their own. With the Commercial Security Liner, bulk product shipping problems are no problem. The liner is simply inflated, clamped to the sides of the container and a temporary bulkhead is put in place. The product is then introduced to the container. The end is tied in the same way the other CSL cargo is handled. At destination, the liner is re-inflated, clamped open, and the bulk product removed. The use of the CSL system not only provides you with top quality protection of your freight, it also saves you money by eliminating the use of expensive hopper cars and other specialty bulk transportation modes. It also saves money by keeping the container interior clean and free of residue from the cargo.

The Commercial Security Liner from Eagle Protective Plastics is now used in protecting:

  • Food Cargo for food processors and wholesalers.
  • Tobacco products for tobacco manufacturers.
  • Automotive components.
  • Chemicals for leading manufacturers.
  • Infectious wastes for medical disposal companies.
  • Explosives for construction firms.
  • Asbestos residue for environmental firms.
  • Solid waste for disposal companies.
  • Dry and canned pet foods.
  • Bulk shipped grain products.

Protected under US Process Patent Numbers: 4,516,906; 4,671,733; 4,863,339; 5,028,197; 5,059,084, and Canadian Patent Number 1,322,385. Purchase or Lease of this Equipment does not grant or imply license on any Patent of Eagle Industries/Eagle Protective Plastics, Inc./Nolan Group, Inc.related to installation of liners.

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