The Eagle Protective Plastics Commercial Security Liner installation equipment groups are complete package solutions for installing the Commercial Security Liner into your containers and trailers. Click on each group below to learn more about its specific use:

Equipment Groups    
Vertical Group
Overhead Group

Each component of the CSL equipment groups is made of the highest quality industrial strength materials ensuring long life and durability.

Individual Components  
Vertical Posts
Overhead Posts
Vacuum Motor
Vacuum Hoses
CSL Clips
CSL Liner

Stop Your Losses... Put the Commercial Security Liner to work for you!

Protected under US Process Patent Numbers: 4,516,906; 4,671,733; 4,863,339; 5,028,197; 5,059,084, and Canadian Patent Number 1,322,385. Purchase or Lease of this Equipment does not grant or imply license on any Patent of Eagle Industries/Eagle Protective Plastics, Inc../Nolan Group, Inc..related to installation of liners.

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